Construction Chamotte Alumina Refractory Bricks


Supply Ability:150T/D
Raw materials:Wear Resistance High Alumina Brick
Application:cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industry





Wear Resistance High Alumina Brick

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Wear Resistance High Alumina Brick  Introduction:

The Wear Resistance High Alumina Brick is produced with special bauxite chamotte by adding aragonite or Zro2 and molding under high pressure according to a certain proportion . Featured by strong anti-strip capacity, kalium, sodium, sulphure, chlorine and basic salt resistance and low thermal conductivity, it is an ideal material for the transition zone and decomposing zone of cement kiln.

Wear Resistance High Alumina Brick Specifications

1. Wear Resistance High Alumina Brick certified by ISO.
2. Strong anti-strip stability
3.low thermal conductivity

Wear Resistance High Alumina Brick  Application:

Widely used in constructing the latter decomposition zone and transitional zone of the rotary cement kiln.

Physical andChemical Indicators:


1. Steel furnaces
2. Iron making furnaces
3. Glass kiln
4. Ceramic tunnel kiln
5. Cement kiln


Anti-stripping High Alumina Brick physiochemical index

Items Index
YRS-70 YRS-75
Al2O3  % 70 75
ZrO2   % 6-8
Refractoriness  (°C) 1790 1790
Bulk Density  g/cm3  ≥ 2.5 2.6
Apparent Porosity  %≤ 24 23
Cold Crushing Strength MPa≥ 60 70
0.2MPCold Crushing Strength °C ≥ 1470 1520
Thermal Shock Resistance, Times,  [1100°C, water-cooling]  ≥ 30 25


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